Meta — The Reserve Currency for the Metaverse and Gamefi
What is the Metaverse? A virtual world? A game? A digital revolution? We are still searching for a tangible answer to that question. How do we even know that the world that we currently inhabit isn’t just a simulation? But, one thing for sure is that, regardless of where we currently exist, people all have the same needs and desires, and the blockchain is already beginning to construct the infrastructure for a burgeoning new reality: our identities (ENS, Addresses), images (NFTs, digital artwork), assets (tokens). But, how will we live our lives in this kind of new world? Some say we will stroll in virtual museums viewing digital artwork (NFTs), chatting with friends and bidding in virtual auctions. Come on…this might be how rich people will live in the Metaverse, but not how average people will.
We believe that, for the average Joe, the Metaverse will not be much different from regular life (unless you believe Elon Musk that we will all become cyborgs). In fact, we can see life in the Metaverse already diverging from that of the tangible world As an example, at the same time that COVID19 began spreading around the globe, throwing millions out of work and into home lockdown, Axie Infinity emerged and gave people the opportunity to earn a living, from the virtual world that was unaffected by the same turmoil. For the first time, people were able to turn their passion for gaming into a way to pay their rent and feed their families. Indeed, we can start to see an explosion of DeFi protocols on Ethereum and BSC being stacked together like LEGO blocks building a reality around us. This is creating an entirely new way of existing, allowing us to earn a living, have fun, be social, plus ASMR and Degen, etc. This is the future of the Metaverse.


MetaversePRO was created by 1xNW, with enthusiastic assistance from members of the OHM community, or “Ohmies”, as they like to be called, as forks only help to hone and expand the experiment that they began and fostered. This is all thanks to Olympus DAO. MetaversePRO is a BSC fork of Olympus DAO. Indeed, it was the OHM community that inspired us and encouraged us to take this step, with very solid code to back it up.
To show our appreciation to the Ohmies, we will be allocating a portion of our income to purchasing and holding OHM. This is in keeping with the ethos of Ohmies: we all help one another. So, with a successful fork of Olympus DAO, the treasury can continue to grow steadily, which is a win for everyone.

MetaversePRO Value Proposition

MetaversePRO is a fair, community-governed, financial infrastructure for the Metaverse that allows for stable and dependable growth.

Metaverse Infrastructure

MetaversePRO has chosen to operate on Binance Smart Chain because we believe BSC represents the optimol intersection between the real world and the Metaverse. Plus, the Metaverse on BSC is currently experiencing phenomenal growth, from artworks, to GameFi, to DeFi. All areas are seeing an explosion of innovation. MetaversePRO is committed to building a fair token-issuing institution and to having META accepted across the Metaverse. Just as DeFi requires an infrastructure, MetaversePRO will serve this role for GameFi.
Whenever one thinks about DeFi 2.0, OlympusDAO immediately comes to mind because they not only created an entirely new operating model, but made it exceedingly dependable. Now, the Ohmies are everywhere in the DeFi world, helping to create new communities, and building new DeFi ecosystems, and resolving liquidity problems for various DeFi platforms. MetaversePRO is a similarly dependable endeavour. The bond protocol assists new DeFi platforms with securing liquidity, allowing them to achieve steady growth in their early stages.
So, how will the MetaversePRO work? Well, just like how Olympus has affected the DeFi space, MetaversePRO will be integrally linked to the GameFi world. GameFi is the key entrypoint for the Metaverse and the MetaversePRO will be right there as an indispensable partner as the MetaversePRO Bond protocol will help resolve many of the early stage problems that GameFi projects encounter. This interchange of tokens also allows for the creation of a long-term mutually-beneficial relationship.
But, MetaversePRO doesn’t simply earn from the application layer (Bonds, LP), but the expected dramatic growth in the sector overall will also be a major boon for platform, with assets held in the treasury not sold but held and allowed to appreciate and further back the rebase of META. This makes HODLing the primary goal.
MetaversePRO will not only serve as a key lifeblood for the development of GameF, but can also serve as a reliable platform for issuing assets, for providing startup funding, or for purchasing GemFi infrastructure,i.e,, NPCs, assets (NFTs, tokens). All of these exciting areas are possible with MetaversePRO. The future is ours to decide together as Ohmies, Memies, and everyone else who wants to break the mould together.

How it Works

Of course, Olympus remains the blueprint that all forks are based upon (I don’t think we even need to go over how successful it has been). As such, our core applications are Staking, Bonds, and the DAO. Although we understand that it would be impossible to repeat the success of Olympus DAO, we endeavour to do so and to integrate the current trends and realities so as to optimize this great benchmark even further.
MetaversePRO follows the the tokenomics of OlympusDAO
  • Each $META is backed by risk-free Treasury assets.
  • The protocol has access to the Mint function, but nobody else does.
  • The protocol issues and burns tokens in reaction to price changes.
  • $META is not rebased. On the contrary, when necessary, new supply is minted and then released directly into the market, or supply is repurchased directly from the market and then burned. This allows for a true and accurate backing by the BUSD value held in the treasury.
Core Principle
  • When $META < 1 Busd, the protocol buys back and burns $META
  • When $META > 1 Busd the protocol mints and sells new $META
The protocol can generate income by way of price adjustments, which, in turn, allows the value of assets held in the treasury to rise steadily. All assets held in the treasury can generate income and, within certain risk limits, can be used in more complex operations and combinations so as to achieve superior capital efficiency. Thus, with treasury assets continuing to appreciate in value, the reliability of the resulting stablecoin can continue on indefinitely.
Protocol-Owned Liquidity (POL)
POL is one of the most exciting innovations to come from Olympus DAO, whereby the protocol has its own perpetual liquidity and so never needs to worry about liquidity providers suddenly drying up.
Features of POLs
  • POL ensures that there is always ample liquidity for $META on Pancakeswap
  • POL continually earns LP fees, allowing for continual growth.
  • There is no independent access to the POL, which means zero rug pull risk, and reliable liquidity
  • Staking is the primary value accrual strategy of MetaversePRO
  • Staking is a passive, long-term strategy.
  • When you stake, you lock $Meta and receive an equal amount of $sMeta
  • When you unstake, you burn $sMeta and receive an equal amount of $Meta
Bonds are a primary source of income for the Treasury and is the method by which we seamlessly integrate with other applications. The Bond Listing Tax is decided by the community, since we believe that you are the one who knows best what the best rate should be, and because all Memies enjoy profits together and so too should they decide those profits together. Bonds of varying terms will be issued so as to be flexible enough to meet the real needs of applications, and thereby ensure long-term profitability.
Initial Bond Types:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
Bonds are the stabilizing core of the platform and we encourage all Memies to take advantage of them, whether to meet MetaversePRO Whitelist roles, to meet launchpad criteria, or for NFT drops.
In the Metaverse, the MetaversePRO is like a comfortable bus that gets you around the city: you can ride it in comfort and get to where you want to go, or you can relax and take a nap, or you can chat with those around you. However you choose to spend your ride, you are already aboard the bus and, as such, are a Memie, and the more you contribute and are recognized by the community, the more you get rewarded during your ride.
And, of course, for those who choose to just enjoy their ride in silence, their contribution is HODLing. Thus, are the benefits of staking! Whatever happens, if we all ride together, we all move forward together!
Token Distribution
Initial token circulation is 100,000 META (BEP20)
  • 10% Team (This portion will be staked and hopefully the returns will cover expenses)
  • 5% Airdrop & Marketing
  • 82% Pre-sale
  • 3% Initial Liquidity
  • 0% VC (Why are we ignoring VCs? Because everyone is tired of VCs jumping the line; besides, the Metaverse team is already better talented than most VCs out there)

Smart Contracts

Since MetaversePRO is largely based on Olympus DAO, the lion’s share of our smart contracts have already been tried and true. With the exception of some improvements made to the Bonds protocol in the current version, all other facets or the smart contract remain the same.


We are working with some of the most outstanding people in the field so as to ensure that the design, concepts, and UI are all outstanding and cutting-edge.
We can only imagine what you will be thinking when you enter the Metaverse for the first time, but we know it will be memorable and inspiring. For now, the Metaverse is difficult to imagine because it relies on the avante garde interaction of many people, but the MetaversePRO will be the key to achieving this.


2021 Q4
  • DAO online
  • more types of Bonds added
  • Initiate 2 long-term investments
2022 Q1
  • MetaversePRO lending online
  • MetaversePRO launchpad
  • NFT Drop
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